What I'm working on. Which events you can see me at! News on my foundation- The Tibetan Photo Project.

event tickets, concerts, award shows, Pirate babes, calendars, posters, Chamuco cigars,


I will be redoing this whole site over the next month or so.  Look for BIG changes!- Sazzy

Sorry the updates have fallen off- I will be redoing this site soon and for now you can get faster updates via Facebook - Happy Summer! -- Sazzy


Sept 2009

I'm the NLF GIRL for NFLONE.com

Sazzy Varga NFL girl 

June 2009

Cheeky Chaps- Sexy Designer Chaps

Cheeky Chaps--New Company i am workign with- Just wating for my chaps to arrive so we can shoot- You are gona love this site chekc it out and tell them I sent youif you buy for and added bonus with order! You can read about them here as well!!

May 2009

Completed work on the film Nictrophobia with Michael Madsen, Rachel Hunter, and Jennifer Tisdale

Realized I never anounsed that Matt Hughes painting of me Beacoming...

Becoming... Matt Hughes

...Was nominated for a Chesley in the category of "Best Unpublished"
And won "Best In Show" at DragonCon 2007! See Matt and his work at Comic Con San Diego this year

April 2009

I am thanked by Neil Strauss (The Game, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star, ) in his NEW book Emergency which hit the stands Mar 2009. Who new I had so much knowledge on goats!

Neil Strauss

February and March 2009

Feature at Celebhoo - one of the oldest and most respected fan site directories: featured in the BBC, the Wall Street Journal and in numerous other publications.

Finsishing up Tales of An Ancient Empire!

Jan. 19 2009

Darkside Girls- Invited me to be aprart of their communtiy. You can hear my radio interview at this link- thanks so much Wayne and D.W- Love you two!


Dec. 2008 - January 2009

Producing a new film- Tales of An Ancient Empire- with Director Albert Pyun! Great project fantastic cast!
Watch for more details.

Tales Of An Ancient Empire
Click to enlarge

November-October 2008

Maury show- Sazzy Sazzy on Maury Election Day
FEATURED ACTOR-I am on the Maury Povich show for Election day 'toon in Nov 4th a must see show.
More Below- Click to see larger!
Sazzy On Maury

September 2006

I was in attendance at the Pirates II screening in Hollywood.

Jesse Jane Pirates 2
Click images to view larger

September 2008

I attended the Austin Fanastic Fest, where the film I produced "Road to Hell" had a work in progress screening.

Road to Hell
click icon above for images from event

August 2008

I was on Wayne Clingman's Blog Talk Radio Indy Film Wisconsin today hear the broadcast here

Almost time for the Olympics... Tibet is trying to make their stand and be noticed on world stage--but who will think of Tibet and the Tibetans after the Olympic's are over.... Please visit my foundation at http://www.tibetanphotoproject.com
click image below to play

July 2008

Wrapped my 20th film with Albert Pyun- "Road To Hell"; which I am the producer! I am just thrilled! The film stars Michael Pare, and is touted as "It's the Moulin Rouge of torture porn". See the site at Road to Hell Movie.

I attended "The Art of Chopper". Here I am next to my buddy Dave Cooks Chopper.

art of chopper

June 2008

Wrapped another Jesse Johnson film working title "Free Gravel" - release title looks to be "The Green Street Hooligans 2 " and is the sequel to The Green Street Hooligans.

April and May. 2008

The Tibetan Photo Project films at Culture Unplugged Film Festival

Thanks to everyone out there viewing, films from The Tibetan Photo Project are the second and third most watched films on MTV's Culture unplugged. This is how The Tibetan Photo Project grows a voice for the Tibetan people and we hope you will help us continue to grow this voice. See the most watched page at http://www.cultureunplugged.com/films.php to view the films.

Please continue to pass this on to those who you feel may be interested in watching, sharing and learning.

"Visually and Respectfully Yours - The Story of The Tibetan Photo Project" http://www.cultureunplugged.com/index.php?viewMovieId=269

"Voices in Exile" by Tenzin Wangden Andrugtsang.

I have wrapped two more films "Fall Of Hyperion" (which is already getting press see link previous) and Heatwave" with Director Rex Piano.

Flickr images feature one of my press image for The Tibetan Photo Project.

Sazzy Varga Co-founder The Tibetan Photo Project

See more of me at CNN I-Report feed here I-Report for CNN

Our direct link here http://www.ireport.com/people/TibetVideos

I-Reports at CNN promo clip I am in.

May 8, 2008, We got word from CNN that CNN International will feature The Tibetan Photo Project (The foundation I co-founded, with a clip i did for them) ** our premier pushed because of the earthquake in China**. The show runs on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. We are still waiting on specific broadcast information.

Mar. 2008

My foundation The Tibetan Photo Project is getting much press of late with the olympics heading to China. See updates at links below. We will be on CNN news in May discussing the project. I will let you know as I have a date of the broadcast. Also we are now a corp. under "Camera's for Cultures Inc" and are applying for non-profit status.

Jan. and Feb. 2008

I wrapped the film "Charlie Valentine" with director Jesse Johnson in February. Chamuco Cigars was great and gave us product placement for the show.

November and December 2007

Started a new film so that had had be busy. Also getting ready for the holidays. Was invited and attended the 11th Annual Ribbon of Hope awards at The Academy of Motion Pictures December 1st.

New link:Wiki

Also a new store to buy the perfect girt for the holidays: Merlot Email

October 2007

3 New Trading cards that feature me- by Renowned pin-up artist Dave Nestler will be available soon!

Chicks on Pick's -- features image of me on cool guitar picks and straps!

sazzy on a guitar picChicks with guitar pics

Sept. 2007
CELEBRITY APPEARANCE -I attended the Kinky Pirate Ball at the El Rey Theaterkinky Pirate Ball Sazzy
(Click image enlarge)
in Los Angeles over the weekend as they had me doing a celebrity signing of my new "Hot Pirate Babes" Calendar for 2008- I am "Miss April"- as well as the "Starboard Model" You can buy your here

sexy Hot Pirate Babes 2008 calendarsexy Pirate babe Sazzy Lee Varga

Rock Hard Magazine, Chicks on Picks Giveaway

Rock Hard magazine in Germany, are featuring our new Chicks on Picks as a giveaway in their latest issue. If your German is up to scratch they have 10 sets of Chicks Pack 1 and 2 available. Pick up a copy of the Mag for details. Chicks on Picks feature erotic illustrations by world famous artist Dave Nestler.

July- Aug
CELEBRTIY SPOKES MODEL-I am the the new "Chamuco Girl" for Chamuco Cigars. Just got back from the RTDA in Houston Huge fun! More images up soon.

Chamuco Girl Sazzy Lee Varga
Click image to enlarge

PRINT MODEL for Billy Bob's Bar and Grill Tomahawk, WI- More images up soon. Plus other cool swag!
Billy Bobs bar and grill Model Sazzy Lee Varga

June 2007

FOUNDATION-Please enjoy this video short from my foundation The Tibetan Photo Project and learn more.

In October 2007, The United States Congress will award Tenzin Gyatso, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet, The Congressional Gold Medal of Honor - the nation's highest and most distinguished civilian award. In honor of that event and in keeping with the mission of The Tibetan Photo Project, the founders, Sazzy Lee Varga and Joe Mickey, will provide a copy of 8-minute short film on DVD to each of the 100 members of the United States Senate.

May 2007
I have new auctions up at estarbids.com check out what's new.
INTERVIEW- while at Duke university in March
where I was speaking on The Tibetan Photo Project.

April 2007
1st AD- on the new feature film "Bulletface" with award winning director Albert Pyun. This was the 20th feature I have had the pleasure of working on with Albert and it was great to see him again.

March 2007
1st AD- , January on re-shooting on "Alien Agent" with director Jesse Johnson, he is the same director I did "Butcher" with in November.
FEATURED ACTOR- February I shot with the Maury Povich show again.
Sazzy Varga Maury Povich
(click image to see larger)
My episode airs March 30th, be sure to tune in for great fun and surprises.

SPEAKING ENGAGMENT- The 27th of March I head to Duke University , where alone with co-founder Joe Mickey, we will talk on The Tibetan Photo Project at conversations at Duke.

was released this week on DVD and has been playing on HERE TV! for the past few months.

ARTIST MODEL-Art work by: KIM HARLOW the first of many!
sazzy Varga Kim Harlow
(click image to see larger)

November and December
1ST AD-Finished work on "The Butcher" with Jesse Johnson.
I have been finishing house projects painting etc, and it has been a very messy busy time. Look for a home improvement tape by me soon

ARTIST MODEL- in "Erotica"a new art book, by UKO SMITH (cover and inside)
.uko smith
ARTIST MODEL-Art work by: David Nestler for his "Blond and Gagged" series of painting. This is sure to be a hot one!
Also look for new images for Bu-Tay Vodka soon.

October 2006
FEATURED ACTOR-I am on the Maury Povich show for Halloween you gotta see this it is hysterical!

September 2006
FEATURED CELEBRITY- "The Secrets of Skinny Chicks" hits Barns and Nobel's, Borders, Amazon! Get yours now!
Shooting New Rob Sims images too we shot with my "Bubble Wrap Swimsuit"

August 2006

Secrets of Skinny  Chicks

I am one of the 25 featured women in The Secrets of Skinny Chicks!
In The Secrets of Skinny Chicks, award-winning women's health journalist Karen Bridson profiles 25 svelte women--including models, actors, athletes and regular folks--to reveal exactly what it is each one does to look so great. These women share with you their tips for planning menus, exercising, and staying motivated as well as advice on boosting metabolism. You will learn how to adapt these secrets into your own life safely and realistically.
About the Author: Karen Bridson is a certified personal trainer and award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in Runner's World, Active Woman Canada Magazine, The Globe and Mail, and other major publications.

More shooting with Rob Sims this month. And going to the beach baby!!

July 2006
Body Rockin for July and there are more HOT pics at Beautease.com!

June 2006

The amazing Rob Sims images are starting to come out. You can see the gallery's at Beautease.com! (topless so 18 and over only:) We shoot again very soon!

This painting was nominated for a Chesley in the category of "Best Unpublished"
This painting won "Best In Show" at DragonCon 2007!
Art image of me by: Matt Hughes titled "Becoming..." and it will be in his new book, " Ethereal Visions"- a 44 page full color book featuring the latest illustrations by Matt. This book will be produced as a hard cover and will be signed and numbered to 50 copies. The book along with the painting will Premier at Comic Con is San Diego July 19-23

I have been asked to be a celebrity guest at: Film festival

Added new banner so you can link to me




I was an invited celebrity guest at: Jayneoni's Pre-MTV Movie Awards Birthday and Fashion Bash
Paparazzi mag's here Wireimage.com and Gettyimages.com and Stargazermedia.com

Paparazzi gallery is up at Monsters and Critics

Celebrity Interview on Cosmic Tribune (a few of the Sims images are here)

March -April-May 2006
CELEBRTIY GUEST at the 4th Annual Indie Producers Awards Gala Red Carpet Arrivals image here with 7time award winning Director and good friend Rex Piano.

See Paparazzi
Red Carpet Event images of me here

Shooting tons of great new stuff with ROB SIMS!!

April PR
April Press Release
Gambino Jeans
Look for more great thing with me and Chris Gambino as we have much in the works.

Feb. 2006

January 2006
Happy New Year everyone. Look for big this this year. I am starting off by heading to Grand Turk to shoot another film. More on that when I return. If you don't mind taking a second, give me a vote here it is very appreciated.

October 2005
My best girl friend junior and high and high school's Mom passes away this month lets all take a second to think of our Mom's and remember them. Colleen I am so sorry. I love you sweetie!

Sept. 2005
Heavy Metal Magazine uses my image created by Uko Smith in Nov. 2005 Mag. T-shirts available from Uko! here .

click images to enlarge

August 2005
ACTING-I play character-Sandra Blacker in - "Faultline" is Premiering in the UK this month! Continues to run every week!

July 2005
I found a great new site done by a fellow cheese head! Check it out the Wis. jokes are the best!

June 2005
Blind Injustice is airing on Lifetime TV this coming Monday, June 13 at 9 PM ET / PT. and replays June 21st at 7PM. ET / PTI play the Alumni Clerk! Please spread the word! Below is a link to the movie info on Lifetime's website.

Press link

ACTING -We also had a glimpse of Sazzy on Court TV this past week in The Tell-Tale Bomb The story of Michelle Ramskill-Estey, 35, a pretty, blonde, single mother, is on the management fast-track for the Bank of America in San Diego County when she becomes the victim of a violent crime. Sazzy was 1st Assistant Director on the show, but was asked to do yet another cameo which shows her running with the "bomb" in hand.

**A very good friend of mine Lori is breeding Bengal's the kitty's. Check out her site at www.celtikatz.net **

April 2005
SPEAKING ENGAGMENT- for The Tibetan Photo Project. Please see images here!

March 2005
ACTING AND 1ST AD-Worked a few days on a Court TV show will air sometime in May!

February 2005
February issue of Easyriders features a Sazzy pic

Just in time for Valentine's Day The Forever Sazzy Clothing Line is out! What is Forever Sazzy??!! Forever Sazzy Clothing and products are for the person who represents: Youth, Fun, Energy, Adventure, and Trend-Savvy Style!

My Furry Friends Great kiddy T-shirt, bibs, and creepers, all with cute cuddly animals
Petal Pushers Unique view of nature on T's bags and cups

Just got news from the 'Crypt Keeper" (AKA editors) over at Scream Queen and I am their feature for February.
Chupacabra Dark Seas on Sci-Fi on Jan 29th, it replays February 3rd. 2005

Press Link

Jan 2005

PRESS RELEASE for the Movie "Chupacabra-Dark Seas"

I'm the Centerfold in this calendar, Plus Cover that's me in the hat far right, and a small pic on the back!

I am the Month of August in Anthony's calendar, lower half of the page!


December 2004
"Chupacabra-Dark Seas" will be on January 29th on Sci-Fi! Hope you will tune in to see me as the Purser!
See for a bit about the film!

photos: Jack Zeman Photography

Feature at http://www.drdigits.com/

Art work of my image done by Artist Uko Smith on etched glasses

My Ring Tones -allows you to put me on your cell phone.- all these available. Have a favorite pic in my gallery pop me and e-mail for a chance at it coming a new cell phone wallpaper. Click on an image to go direct to the link!

Abel's Web a great little biker spot on line has fantastic images form Rally's across the US including some I SHOT at the Easyrider Centerfold tour in San Diego Ca. this year

November 2004
Update: Hey "My Movie's On"

October 2004
Fashion Page 2 Updated 10/31/04
Glamour and Beauty Page 3 Updated 10/31/04
Swimwear Page 5 Updated 10/31/04
Posters and Pinups Page 6 Updated 10/31/04
New Galley of my Flower images 7 feature's my new Print Island flowers!

MODEL FOR: "Babes on Bikes" Calendar, sponsored by Miller Beer!
VIDEO SHOOT for "The Broken Spoke" in Myrtle Beach SC. for the Speed Channel as well as their DVD
Shoot with-Digital Magic Big Shots in Myrtle Beach! New T-shirts featuring the Big shots Pit Crew are out.

September 2004
"FOUND," Feature -1st Assistant Directed is Grand Turk is on Lifetime Stars Joanna Cassidy & Greg Evigan and

August 2004
Loss of a friend.
I met Indian Larry at the Milw. Rally while working with Colleen of Digital Magic Big Shoots, and had the opportunity of seeing him and do some photo ops with him again in Sturgis. Besides being an extremely talented bike builder Larry was a gem of a human being, I'm thrilled I have gotten to know him, and will miss him.

Indian Larry and Sazzy Varga

Modeled at Milw. Harley Rally! Worked for Digital Magic Big Shot
Art Image by
Jef Caudle

Art work by: Anthony Guerra, this one in a series which are all commissioned
Anthony Guerra

July 2004
FILM-I recently completed 2 and 1/2 months of filming in the British West Indies, a film for Sci-Fi along side John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings), a film with Doug Savant (Melrose Place) for HBO-Blockbuster, and a 3rd. with William Gregory Lee (Dark Angle, & Young Indiana Jones) for the Hear channel. I will be posting a few stills as I catch up so you can see me in action. I will also send out info as to when all the shows are on.

Iron Angles of the 4 Corners chose me to be in there 2005 16 month calendar, but because of my extensive work schedule we where not able to shoot. Instead they printed an 8x10 of me.

Artist-body painter Jim Brando in Collaboration with Photographer Art Ketchum Studios, painted and shot me for their upcoming coffee table book. The images that where posted at OMP (One Model Place) in Art's portfolio where recognized as being outstanding and spotlighted. See Arts work at OMP #20065 and Jim's site is OMP #40336

Art work by: : David Nestler Sketchbook Vol. 1 "Bad Girls Drawn Nicely" is out and I am featured on the full color back cover! This is David's 2nd book published by SQP is 60 pages and is available at http://www.davenestler.com/NewStore/index.html

Art work by: Anthony Guerra featured in his 2005 Calendar

Art work by: Gina King completes her first art piece using using a reference image taken by Joe Mickey.

March and April 2004
FILM-I am off to the Caribbean to do TWO movies! One is a good verse Evil plot, and one is a murder mystery! I will be back the end of April so my next update will be in May after I catch up on all my back work! Something to look at while I am gone, click to The Tibetan Photo Project, this is a project I am cofounder of! It will give you a very Rick view inside to lives of the Tibetan Monks in Exile. I will also have tons of new art work coming out as many artists are working away. I have new work in my own gallery too!

February 2004
Pinup for the month at Blue Halo Productions

January 2004
Art work by: Uko Smith does a new image of me with an Asian feel
New Pictures of my Tibetan sponsor child Tenchoe! She is now in second grade and 3rd in her class.
Feature-Brain X uses me as an example as to how models promote themselves!

Art work by: Artist Jef Caudle look for more soon.

Shoot with: NY Celebrity Photographer: Steve Azzara. And updates to the Fashion Portfolio
Shoot with - SDMusic
Shoot with: the most published photographer in the world 3 years ROB SIMS!
Shoot with: Musecube Features Photographer Faith Bowman
Art work by: Artist Matt Hughes is done it is Title: "Invitation of Spring"
Shoot with: Joe Mickey and I did a quick swimsuit shoot at the marina and #1 and #2
Featured at Babe.net
Shoot with:Taissa Lada Designs images here on Photographer Faith Bowman's site
Shoot with Paulo Gordon- a fantastic funkie shoot
Shoot with: Rich Mohr, for his project "Mask" we are editing and should have a few up shortly
Shoot For: Artist Matt Hughes goddess samples here #1 summer and #2 spring
Contest- Miss Cobra seats 2004
Art image of me: Smarty Cartoons, Ramon Ramirez, Jr.
Anthony Gil made me some great new banners
Celebrity Guest at Comic COn from Comic Con International 2003
Art image of me by: Bryan Kemila Erotic Fine Art. Canada's Erotic Fine Artist and Gallery Owner located on Vancouver Island in Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada
Feature at European Art Gallery
New promo banner
New Slide Show
New home pages at AOL Sazzy's Splash page
New home pages at AOL for the Tibet Photo Project
Introducing manager Chris Sable. Chris will be handling bookings, art sales, and e-mail.
New art for limited edition addition to Matt Hughes Hard Cover book!

Limited to only 30 copies and is stamped with the Matt Hughes official seal. Each 8.5" x 11" lithograph is signed and numbered to correspond with the accompanying book. The series is limited to only 30 copies and retails for $70. Please contact us at hughesillustration@yahoo.com
Feature at Mother Mercy!! with June calendar desktop image!!
New pic's called Classic and #2 !
Feature article at Rock Confidential.
Happy Valentines day!!! Click here for your special card!!

2000, 2001, 2002 AT A GLANCE
MG Publishing is producing a Hard Cover version of Matt Hughes art book. Scheduled for November 2002 release! Please go to art-fantastix and check it out! I am so thrilled as I was selected as the cover!

Yahoo clubs Please stop by and say hi! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sazzyleevargapromodel
Shoot with: Vex Clothing
Shoot with: Hot Trends! HOW they have great styles! Http://www.hottreads.com

"MY OWN ART WORK" is ready to be unveiled.

Sazzy's Cookin' coming out soon.
http://www.sazzyleevarga.com/sazzy'sreallyliving.htm to see excerpts from my cook book

Art work by: Matt Hughes -titled Death also know as Ars Moriendi (The art of Dying) will be featured in his upcoming book published by MG Publishing / Art Fantastix, it is scheduled to be released on August 28, 2002. The book will include 32+ of illustrations as well as commentary and preliminary sketches. Offered also a Limited "Seal" edition of the book! This limited edition will be signed, numbered, will include the Matt Hughes lion seal as well as a one of a kind sketch of me! The series will be limited to only 50 copies and will retail for $50. Please contact Matt at hughesillustration@yahoo.com to reserve your copy today!

Harley Davidson event to guest at in the Midwest 4 days of bikes!
Appearances at Glamour Con in Chicago and at and art event at THE ECHO GALLEY

Paparazzi photos from Echo Gallery
Shooting with: ECHO gallery- for Narcisse Designs
Shooting with: Joe Mickey see them here this link

Happy 4th everyone. He is a little image for you! God Bless American

Another great shoot with Joe Mickey... Gee I am getting way behind updating sites anyone care to help:) Hope to get to it during this week. Here are a few of the awesome image to get you started:#1 and #2
The following gallery's have been updated today, enjoy!

MTV- VIDEO -I shot with the "KottenMouth Kings" for their new MTV video! Watch for it soon on MTV and of course clips will be here!

Shoot with: Eric Ahrens of Ahrens Photography An image from one of our pervious shoots has been turned into a fantastic illustration by artist Matt Hughes of Matt Hughes Art
Shoot with: Joe Mickey 4 days of endless creativity. From a Jungle paradise to a country school, little red (yes and the wolf) and everything in-between

This is a sneak preview of the new Joe Mickey images. I am just starting to get a sampling emailed to me from Joe keep checking back because these images are bar none the best ever! All Gallery's will be updated!

"Official Web site of International Model Sazzy Lee Varga" will be Celebrity Site of the Day on April 11, 2002.
I am now affiliated with the following webring! Please take a look.

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Featured as -Meg my little "Sex in the City" Toon
First Happy Holidays to all of you.
See me at the " Ms. MotorcycleIndustry.com 2002 Contest".
Shoot with Joe Mickey! New images entitled: "Eye Poppen Eye Candy"

I WON the "Picture me Hot" ! They had over 1700 pictures submitted from over 100 models.

"Kiss of Death" is complete! I was Producer and 1st AD working along side Rachel Hunter, Faye Dunaway, & Robert Wagner!
Tons of Voice overs work so "stay tooned!"
Banner page to download my banner and link exchange with me! Do it NOW for more traffic.

Debut of My Mini Me " Sazzy Mayhem" In the Photos Section titled "Toon Town-Animation"!

"Candid Camera Gallery opens ". This give you a peek at my life as a kid growing up, really early modeling jobs, and candid moments at work and play!

Las Vegas Here I come: for JT Smith's Glamour shoot and convention. Booked TWO 2002 and 1- 2003 calendars

ACTING GIG- 'Gayle' the girlfriend of Jimmy - Curtis Armstrong ( "Risky Business"," Moonlighting") in a feature short called "Like a Rock". The story is about a writer/director-Jimmy who learns project management from Walter- Walter Koenig (Star Trek) allowing him to successfully shoot his first movie. Also staring Tracy Scoggins "(Babylon V") and Corbin Bernsen ("LA Law","Major League").

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