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" I would like to thank everyone who helped make this web site possible.

My wonderful photographers: Joe Mickey, Ed Konkle, Eddie Garcia, Darryl Lafferty, Andy Chabot, Dave Junion, Karl. Y, Terry Cree, Jim Hervat, Paul Peck, Robert Marcos, Kevyn Major Howard, Niva Briggs, Justin, Leroy Roper, Scott Dial, David Lee, Dennis Evans, Warner, Tony Donaldson Photography, Michael Patrick, William Morton, Steven Wayda, Colleen Schwartz, John Paul Greco, Rob Sims, and many many more...sorry if I missed you here!

Michael Harmon for designing my first Commercial Site at for understanding my thoughts and turning them into html. All the people at for hosting my first site, Kevin...thank you so much.

Finally Bob Goebel for his wisdom in the beginning of this site development and for helping me remember snow angles. All of you are absolutely...


And let me extend a special invitation to all of you to please stop by:

The Tibetan Photo Project

I co-founded the The Tibetan Photo Project in 2000 with Photographer Joe Mickey and in 2002 I started sponsoring a small child - Tenchoe who currently lives in exile in India.

A former, secretary to the secretary of the Dalai Lama- Tenzin Wangden Andrugtsang was instrumental in arranging for me to sponsor Tenchoe, and also put me in touch with a children's school near the Dalai Lama's office. If you wish to make the life of a child a bit better please contact me and I will get you a profile of children in need of a sponsors, or If you wish to send a donation to aid in the hard ship of the poor Tibetan children you can do so by going to my Paypal account. Also see The Tibetan Photo Project for more ways to help and to take a look at our new film Voices In Exile.

In the line payment for please type in Tibet! I will then send the funds to India via western union and get back to you a statement of what the funds where used for. If you have a cappuccino at Starbucks every day you spend over $63 dollars a month, half of that can help make a child's life and living a better one!

Tenchoe ( said Ten- ch -o- e) see my little girl:)

Save Tibet...WHY??


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