We started The Tibetan Photo Project in 2000 and in 2002 I started sponsoring a small child - Tenchoe who currently lives in exile in India.

A former, secretary to the secretary of the Dalai Lama- Tenzin Wangden Andrugtsang was instrumental in arranging for me to sponsor Tenchoe, and also put me in touch with a children's school near the Dalai Lama's office. If you wish to make the life of a child a bit better please contact me and I will get you a profile of children in need of a sponsors, or If you wish to send a donation to aid in the hard ship of the poor Tibetan children you can do so by going to my Paypal account. Also see The Tibetan Photo Project for more ways to help and to take a look at our new film Voices In Exile.

In the line payment for please type in Tibet! I will then send the funds to India via western union and get back to you a statement of what the funds where used for. If you have a cappuccino at Starbucks every day you spend over $63 dollars a month, 1/3 of that CAN help make a child's life and living a better one!

Tenchoe's pictures are posted below and more images of her as well as school papers will be posteda s they come in!

Tenchoe ( said Ten- ch -o- e)


1st grade 2003

2nd grade 2004

3rd. Grade 2005

Excerpt from an article written for Arts and Antiques magazine. By Edward Readicker-Henderson

Sazzy is quoted as saying-

"I was originally drawn into the project by Joe (Mickey) who I have know for years working with him as a professional model. During one shoot he told me he was sponsoring a Monk at the Drepung Monastery in southern India, and how he sent him a camera to capture his world. It just felt like the natural thing to do in offering to build and maintain the websites and get involved in the project through lectures. To allow these never before seen glimpse into a culture near extinction a world wide stage. To aid in giving a voice to those unheard or those who others would like to silence. I also sponsor a little girl in exile who lives with her "adopted parents", as her mom was not able to keep her after making the trek to escape Tibet. I feel a kinship with Tenchoe as I too was adopted as a baby. Tenchoe deserves the right to be Tibetan and practice her beliefs freely and without fear, persecution or death."

"My hope is that the 'Tibetan Photo Project', and film 'Voices In Exile' will have a positive butterfly effect."

"You mention that it looks like I put massive effort into this, my effort is so small compared to the the effort and sacrifice Tenchoe's Mom (and countless other ) undertook (and take) in crossing the Himalayas, then giving Tenchoe up just to allow her to be free.

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