The kitchen is about to get even Hotter! Sazzy Lee Varga whips up some great dishes in her low fat, healthy, and sometimes italian sort of way. She give the 40's and 50's values a make over for the 21st. century! With all the new advance the century is seeing, from A.I. to internet dating, to cloning, Sazzy is the new "Betty" in town. She brings home the bacon and cooks it up in the pan. And she won't let you forget that although you both might wear the pants in the house sometimes you gotta take them off. Look out cuz.... Sazzy's Cookin' Health Conscious Cooking, Italian cuisine, Sinful Deserts Romantic Dinner, Perfect Picnics, And lots of Fun!

"What do women want, every man has a recipe he can cook up for that all important romantic dinner, and it usually involves noodles, but what do women really want, I have the ideas that guarantee romantic success" -Sazzy



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