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Many of you have been asking when my movies are going to be on, here you will find updates to their air dates, set still photos, and behind the scene shots!

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"Tales of an Ancient Empire- Abalar"



Cast- Christopher Lambert, Kevin Sorbo,


Tales of An Ancient Empire

"Dangerous Isolation"- and "Trapped"

My Part: I am the Computer Virus! Photo Double for Alexandra Paul, Bikini Girl and1st AD

Synopsis: After their car breaks down outside an abandoned hotel, a top software engineer and her daughter are kidnapped and locked in separate hotel rooms. The kidnappers want her to decrypt sensitive government information, and they are threatening her and her daughter's life if she doesn't cooperate.

Cast Includes: Alexander Paul, Nick Turturro, Dennise Christopher

Director: Rex Piano

Dangerous Isolation

ISOLATION-Alexandra Paul TRAPPED-Alexndrea Paul


"Chupacabra-Dark Seas"

My Part: Purser

Creature Feature Synopsis: When the legendary monster, El Chupacabra, is smuggled onto a luxury cruise liner, it's up to a small group of fighters to stop it before it kills everyone on board.

Cast Includes: John Rhys-Davies, Dylan Neal, Giancarlo Esposito David Millbern

Director: John Shepphird

Now on video at Blockbuster and re-playing on Sci-Fi

fil trailor

Chupacabra TerrorSazzy Varga Purser Chupaacabra Dark Seas Chuppcabra bites Sazzy Varga
photos: Jack Zeman Photography


My Part(s): Sandra Blacker-reporter
Beach Girl
Restaurant Patron (small stunt)

Synopsis: On an island off the coast to Florida, a seismologist must rescue his estranged wife from the effects of a massive earthquake that has ripped through a resort town.

Cast Includes: Doug Savant, Brandy Ledford

Director: Rex Piano
Air date: Premiered in the Uk- Aug. 2005

Film Faultline

Faultline Sazzy reporter in Faultline Sazzy in Faultline


"Dante's Cove"

My Part(s):
Party Girl
Beach Girl
Bus Driver

Synopsis: DANTE'S COVE is set in a small coastal town in Southern California, and boasts a cast of eclectic characters -most of them skaters, surfers, and college students. The good-looking young residents of the Hotel are gay, lesbian, bi and straight, at a point in their lives when they are full of hopes and dreams, but also coming up against the harsh realities of daily survival. Throw in a supernatural twist, and you have a show like none you've seen.

Cast Includes: Gregory Lee, Gregory Michael, Kavan Reece, Jill Bennett, Kendra Sue Waldman

Director: Mike Costanza

Dante's CoveSazzy as Mother Danta'sa CoveSazzy as party girl Danta's cove
photos: Jack Zeman Photography

"Blind Injustice"

My Part: Alumni Clerk

Synopsis: For: Life Time

Cast Includes: Jamie Luner

Director: Rex Piano

Air Date: Premiering on Lifetime TV this coming Monday, June 13 at 9 PM ET / PT. Replays often. Check Lifetime's link for more times Lifetime's website

Fims Sazzy Lee Varga is in

Blind InjusticeRex Piano anad Sazzy VargaSazzy Lee small imageSazzy Small image
Me "Alumni Clerk" and Director Rex Piano

Blind Injustice Chupacabra Faultline Head shot - Photos for download

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