Comic Con International 2003

What do Sazzy Varga, Hugh Jackman, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Elvira, Angelina Jolie, Rob Zombie, Frank Miller, Kate Beckinsale, David Carradine, and Alex Ross all have in common? They are among the many celebrities who where at Comic Con International in San Diego this year.

With an exhibit hall that spanned over 400,000 sq. feet, Comic-Con has become the one show to attend. Add with the major media attention the show receives and the largest number of attendees of any convention in the country, (entry lines where up to 2.5 miles long) you have a major opportunity to reach the biggest possible audience for your product or art.



Gentle Giants Studio leaders in high tech scanning and modeling whose work has been seen in T-3, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Matrix Re-loaded, Men In Black II, and many more asked Sazzy to step in and be digitally scanned.

Several artists at Comic Con where showing there art work featuring Sazzy including Matt Hughes (Left) with his painting, Death also know as Ars Moriendi (The art of Dying) which was used as the cover of MattŐs art book, published by MG Publishing Art Fantastix. Also shown was Matt's limited edition print of Sazzy titled "Unchained"(Middle) Matt new series of painting yet unititled will also feature Sazzy.

David Nester (Right) showed his latest work featuring Sazzy called "Sweet Tooth", a 22x28 acrylic on board. David shared with us the that the prints of Bazooka as the painting is often refered to are sell so well we can look for more 'Sazzy' in the future!



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