I am 1 yr. old in this picture and my sister camera left is having her 6th birthday. I guessI didn't care for the camera flash back then!

Here I am about 11 months old I loved cheerios!

Me on the left Playing dress up Indian Princesses with my best girlfriend as a kid Cindy!


Harley Rally 2004 Working for Colleen Big of Digital Big Shoots Designs

Milw Fire Chief and the girls

Milw Fire Chief has me in cuffs!
The Big Shots Group

Milw Finest!!

Indian Larry and the BigShots girls!

Comic Con

Glamour con LA. David Nestler introducing "Bazooka"

Another bull riding shoot by Digital Magic BigShots!


Glamour Con 29 in Chicago

Me and my Best Friend Donna

Another satisfied BigShots customer!!



Picture from a day at the zoo.

Early Pageants

MY best girl friends Teri Left and Donna Right!


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Swimwear Page-5
Posters and Pinups Page-6
New Galley of my Flower images 7



gotta love the pencil stick skirt!!
I played a bikini girl in Faultline too!

My little Hope
Me and Paul of Blackberry Smoke
Me and a bunch of old Friends the girl on my right is Cindy from the pic at the top in the indian head-dresses.... we are all grown up! (Allen, Kathy, Me, Cindy)

Me and "Kid"
Me and my buddy Chris aka "Man Savage"

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