Interviewer: What are the newest advances in your progressing career?

SLV:I am off to the Caribbean to shoot two movies! Very Exciting, and of course, my POP ART continues to be a huge success! New images have been added, and I am in negotiation with a printer to offer these images as ...Well I won't say here as it will be a surprise, one everyone will definitely want to see. This has;t been done before. Mine will be a first! I About the project: I use images of myself shot by my long time photographer and friend Joe Mickey and creating very large Warhol-esk master pieces! The result is an image of art, featuring the artist. I call these works "Stimulate You're Walls" and they are a collectors DREAM, only at Sazzy- Stimulates Your Walls

KottonMouth Kings are playing LA this month and I am in their MTV music Video. Yes, I am the leather clad video vixen!

Matt Hughes a wonderfully talented artist has featured my image taken by Eric Ahrens of Ahren's Photography in one of his upcoming pieces entitled: Ars Moriendi. The piece is unbelievable. Matt's talent astound me! Upon completion the piece received such great review it was selected as the cover of Matt's limited edition Hard Cover book. The book comes with a special illustration(yup another of me) that was produced exclusive for the sale of the limited edition Hard Cover book! There are only 30 copies and it is stamped with the Matt Hughes official seal. The title of this one is Unchained. Hopefully you will be seeing more of me in his work with in the year! (wink)

There are quite a few things other things in the works, A CD ROM featuring film clips from 'Angle Eyes' where I played Amy, clips from Baywatch, 'Hot Girls on Wheels', Crystal Fantasy's, and some behind the scene footage for a recent weekend shoot in St. Louis Missouri produced by James T. Smith Productions for a PBS broadcast on Modeling in the Midwest.

Interviewer: Is it true that you will be producing and staring in your own exercise video soon?

SLV: Well it's still being negotiated. I'll let everyone know when the final production dates will be. There are other developments on the fitness front as well. I shot with Rob Sims recently and have more work to do with him coming up. Look for me in American Curves, and FITBEAUTIES this year. Stop back for updates!

Interviewer: Why have you turned down movie roles up to this point?

SLV: I have been very busy and happy working in the print media, and with my charity work I am now sponsoring a little Tibetan girl as well. I am constantly being sent material to review, and I guess I really am waiting for the right type of script to come along. I would love to pay a mental patient, in a sic-ward, a real crazy or schizophrenic! I think the challenge would be fantastic!

Interviewer: Did you enjoy your time on Baywatch?

SLV: Yes! Baywatch was great...all of the cast and crew where wonderful. Many people still remember me from my episodes and let me know when they see me in reruns! I have got to tell you it looks alot warmer then it is during most of the shooting, Baywatch shoots until Oct. or Nov. burrrrrr....cold.... even on those Beautiful Malibu Beaches!

Interviewer: Did you ever regret passing on being a Playboy Centerfold?

SLV: After being featured in the grapevine section, and in the Girls of the Internet issue, there was definitely alot of fan fare, a great amount of feed back, job offers, movie offers, and more... but my decision to pass on centerfold work was made because of a personal decision to take my career in another path. So for now I'm keeping at least a bit of my cloths on! We shall see what the future brings.

Interviewer: Your active in alot of Nonprofit organizations with other celebrities, what do you like about that?

SLV: I really like that we are able to give back to the community. The fact that we can give just a bit of our time, and it befits so many great organizations, is wonderful. I am cofounder of "The Tibetan Photo Project" which includes a web site (that I maintain) to help with expanding the awareness of the Tibetans in Exile. I also sponsor a little girl in Exile in India, named Tenchoe. I love to help others, I've been called 'The Mother to All'... you know always picking up stray dogs and cats... and finding them new homes. And my friends know they can always turn to me for a shoulder to cry on, or and ear t o listen.

Interviewer: That really is great... We know you are loved by so many, so tell us, how many fan letters do you get each month?

SLV: Gee, well that number changes month to month but I would say on average...750 wow that's an old stat it is up to 3000.

Interviewer: Wow!--What is the most e-mail you have gotten in a day?

SLV: Well during the time that Playboy ran Girls of the Internet, I was having trouble ever getting the mail empty... the mailbox held 500 and it was filled several time a day! I eventually had to change e-mail accounts and servers to keep up...

Interviewer: How do you keep up with such a frantic in demand schedule?

SLV: When I am taking time off I try to really relax.. Let it all go and not think of anything but the time that I am presently in. Really enjoy the moments, of course on a daily basis, I eat right... for me that means low fat, and a almost total vegetarian diet. Exercise is of course important and I couldn't do it with out my two trainers... they keep me going, and going, and going,... I feel like the energizer bunny some times!

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