" I love what I do and wouldn't trade it for the world. But I am really a country girl at heart ...OK with a wild side....who bakes, and cooks... I even can my own jellies, and jams!".




"Weirdest shoot -I was just beginning my career and doing a film called "Children Of The Night". It is a vampire flick available on video. I was playing Karen Blacks Body Double but for one scene, I was actually playing her daughter... ca-cooned with another vampire. "


Interviewer: Why do you have your own Internet site?

SLV: I did it because of my fans, and with the world becoming so Internet dependent it is a great marketing tool. Fan's of course love to know what is going on in my life and work, and I love the feedback I get, it allows me to really get to know all of you out there.

Interviewer: Do you like dealing with fans?

SLV: I love dealing with fans and fan mail! I get the most wonderful e-mail's. And not just from Guys around the world, but from everyone. I have a pen-pal from Vegas who is 10 years old she is an adorable little girl I just love her! She wrote and said how beautiful I was and how she hoped to model someday and she asked if I would send her an autographed picture. I told her I would but under one condition.... she had to send me one too. She did and I have her Pic and e-mail up in my office, right next to my nieces and nephew!

Interviewer: Do you really answer all your own e-mail?

SLV: Yes... I sure do try and answer all my own e-mail's. ThatŐs why there are times when it may take a bit for me to get back to everyone, there are alot of e-mail's to go through, and since I am on the road quite a bit with work and travel, I sometimes get a bit behind, but I do get to everyone!

Interviewer: What are your favorite movies?

SLV: Hum, Favorite movie City of Angles, and Being John Malavich come to mind.

Interviewer: Any books you'd recommend?

SLV: For fun I love: Patrica Cornwell, Jonathan Kellerman, Robert Cook, Iris Johnson, Tami Hogi. Suspense psychological thrillers!! Business: Jack Welch, and World Awareness: Tears of Blood a Cry for TIBET.

Interviewer: What kind of music do you prefer?

SLV: Rock and Roll. Love Ozzy even before the TV series:) I'm a Black Sabbath fan! ACDC, Van Halen.

Interviewer: Having created such a presence on the Net, how much time do you spend on-line?

SLV: Probably a few hours a day.

Interviewer: Any plans for a members site?

SLV: I'm asked this alot. It is still up in the air of it does go I GUARANTEE if I do it will be totally different then anything out there!!

Interviewer: What's your idea of a perfect vacation?

SLV: Sun, sand, sea shells, great books and dry wine, oysters on the half.

Interviewer: OK say I'm an aspiring photographer, do you have any tips for directing models or making a shoot go well?


Interviewer: Now I am an beginning model, how do you know when a shoot is legit?


Interviewer: Where can I see a nude picture of you?

SLV: Sorry... I do have plenty of sexy Swimwear shots, and pinup stuff in my gallery, and my future members gallery will have some very edgy fashion work, really hot lingerie and glamour stuff. Besides, sometimes more is better!! It lets the imagination go into overdrive!

Interviewer: What do you like best about being a super model?

SLV: I love meeting the people, and the travel, is wonderful.

Interviewer: How do you deal with all your success?

SLV: By not letting it go to my head. I love what I do and wouldn't trade it for the world. But I am really a country girl at heart ...OK with a wild side....who bakes, and cooks... I even can my own jellies, and jams!

Interviewer: What do you do when your not modeling?

SLV: Well I mentioned the domestic stuff... and recently I have started to get into B&W photography just dabbling at this point...but I am looking forward to doing a series of self portraits entitled Mirror Mirror, And the digital bug got me. I really enjoy macro work with flowers. Hum perhaps another gallery!

Interviewer: Now, I want to switch gears, if you could have dinner with anyone from the past, name 3 people you would most like to have as dinner guests? and Why?

SLV: Oh, that is actually easy, I would have Albert Einstein, because he was a genius, just fascinating. I would like to see his reactions to how we have used his theories. Adolf Hitler, because I would really like to know what was going on in his mind to believe that what he did was right. And third, would be Marilyn Monroe, I think that one is self explained... she is the original sexy bad, girl... persona.

"If I had 3 magic wishes what would they be? Well I would wish for happiness for people, and the ability to turn anyone's tragedy around, to learn from it, and move on in a more positive, and beneficial way. I would wish for more compassion in the world. I believe that if people had more compassion, we would be able to solve alot of our problems, we need compassion, for the environment, animals, other people, all of the elements around us, and empathy. Everything we do affects others in one way or another, we need to understand this more clearly and realize it, before we do things that, cause harm or have harmful reactions."

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