Please enjoy the artist rendering of myself below and visit their sites. All are GREAT talents and I am honored that they captured my likeness.

Many of these images are for sale on the artist page or inquire here if interested.

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Artist: Anthony Guerra



Calendar 2005 (Sazzy image is August!)




Artist: Garv


offered for sale by inquiring here

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Artist: Uko Smith

Title: Untitled

Images in Heavy Metal Magazine Nov. 2005

Tee Shirts availble from Uko here

Artist: David Nestler

Title: Sweet Tooth AKA "Bazooka"

Also the back of David's book

Reference Image: Joe Mickey

click for bigger view

Artist: Bryan Kemila

Title: Trigger Happy

Reference Image: Joe Mickey

Tile: Sucker Punched

reference Image: Ed Konkle



screen savor available

Artist: Matt Hughes

Title: Ars Moriendi (The Art of Dying) limited addition print accompanies the book

Reference Image: Eric Ahrens

Used as cover of Matt's new hard cover book available at:

more of Matt's work below!


Artist: Jef Caudle


Artist: Michael Patrick

Title: Untitled

Artist: Photo Art

Title: Sazzy

Reference Image: Joe Mickey

work in progress
Artist: Jessica Doughty


Reference Image: Joe Mickey


Artist: Joe Mickey

Title: Varing works

Reference Image: Joe Mickey


Artist: Lone Eagle

Title: Sazzy

Reference Image: Drawing
by Garv


Artist: Samuel

Title: The Bride

Reference Image: David Lee


Artist: Ramon Ramirez, Jr. of Smarty Cartoons

Title: untitled

Reference Image: Joe Mickey


Artist: Matt Hughes

Title: "Invitation of Spring". With each note from her harp she awakens the world to a new beginning. First in a series of 4.
































































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